Murfreesboro residents concerned nearby blasting causing damage to homes



MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s no secret that Middle Tennessee, Rutherford County, in particular, is growing by leaps and bounds.

And with growth comes growing pains. Homeowners in a Murfreesboro neighborhood are concerned about nearby blasting, claiming it’s causing damage to their homes.

Residents are ready for the blasting to stop. Liz Kelly was working from home a few weeks ago and was rattled to the core.

“Heard an explosion that was quite frightening, startling,” Kelly said. “Actually, I did feel it and I could feel it in my entire core.”

It didn’t take long to find out what may have caused it.

“Quickly found out from the neighbors that there’s some blasting going on for a new apartment complex just beyond one of the borders of our development,” Kelly said.

Kelly said as more and more blasts took place at the construction site on Manson Pike, she said things became worse.

“They got stronger and stronger and I notice things shaking and vibrating when the blast would occur,” she said.

Then she started noticing cracks.

“We’ve discovered three cracks that weren’t there previously and a door that no longer hangs properly and won’t close,” Kelly said.

At first, she thought it could be from the house settling, but says her house is six years old and the cracks appeared after the blasting.

“It’s a little bothersome, I mean, blasting has to happen that’s fine,” she said. “My biggest concern at this point it is not really knowing who to go to for responsibility for the damages.”

Kelly is not alone, many of her neighbors in the Puckett Station subdivision are concerned too.

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“Every time there would be a blast the house shook tremendously,” neighbor Jeff Wood said. “Pictures would rattle, things on the shelves would shake.”

Wood said about a week and a half ago following a blast, he heard a loud crashing sound.

“The sound went off, blast happened, and my dog started barking and my office is right next door here, I work out of the house, came outside, heard a crash and saw the brick on the floor,” he said.

Several neighbors have filed complaints with the state about blasting at this site.

One homeowner received a letter back it stated, “after the site was inspected and a review of the blasting data reports and/or seismic readings indicate that there were no violations. The ground and air vibrations were under the limits established by statue."

An answer neighbors like Kelly weren’t expecting to hear.

“Growth and expansion is a part of our community right now, of course, that’s a good thing,” Kelly said. “I think as a community, we probably would have appreciated a little bit of communication maybe understanding how to deal with the repercussions of what’s happening.”

News 2 was told because there were a lot of complaints, an inspector with the state fire marshal’s office has visited the site multiple times and so far, hasn’t found any violations.

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